Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Everybody Loves DeathSpank

DeathSpank meets a wizened old adventurer. And chickens.

DeathSpank. He doesn't shoot first and ask questions later. He doesn't even realize there are questions.

To celebrate DeathSpanks impending arrival on the show floor at PAX this coming weekend, 1up is running a weeklong series of articles about the game, Ron and the fine folks at Hothead. For my part, I may descend from my secluded aerie above far flung Bothell to take in the show. As co-creator, I fully expect this to net me a stick of gum and/or t-shirt.

Read all the glorious coverage here.



Blademaster123 said...

Thanks for the cool coverage, Clay!
I dont know if you get comments all the time or on weird occasions, but I just wanted to say that, from the bottom of my heart, that Voodoo Vince is on my top 10 games ever. Ever! I remember my dad buying me an Xbox for Christmas 2003, and he got me three games: Jet Set Radio Future, Whacked!, and Voodoo Vince. I enjoyed all 3 games, but my favorite was Voodoo Vince. I remember having that game, for so long, and that I beat it, let a friend borrow it (never got it back.. i hope he liked it!) and bought another copy. I havent played it in a while, so I may get it off GameFly.

Clay, your team of people at Beep Industries are a talented bunch, and it saddened me to hear the game makers that made my childhood went under. It is indeed sad. Anyways... Since you closed doors, you have no control over re-making or re-releasing ol' Vince. That would make my year, though.

The best to you, Clay

- Aaron

FunkyJ said...

Hey Clay,

Thanks for the links. Sounds like an awesome game, and I'm glad to see humour coming back in vogue for the industry.

But the million dollar question is, has DeathSpank got a publisher yet?

Anonymous said...
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Clayton Kauzlaric said...

The final net from PAX wasn't a stick of gum or a t-shirt, btw. I snagged a fine DeathSpank water bottle!

@Aaron: To quote Willy Wonka, you should never never doubt what nobody is sure about.