Friday, June 15, 2007

Vince Gets Under Man's Skin

Of all the things Vince fans have done, this has to take the cake. Stuart Howe didn't let the lack of toys and merchandise get him down. Far from it. He now has this awesome 7" Voodoo Vince tattoo on his left forearm. It shouldn't be surprising in this golden age of body art that somebody somewhere would want a Voodoo Vince tattoo. I'm surprised anyway.

The tattoo was done by Jeremy at CMB Tattoo in Huntsville, Alabama, and he did a fantastic job. It's appropriate that the image was created by poking Stuart countless times with a needle. He can now relate to Vince on a whole new level.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Cup Runneth Over... With Gas!

A lot of people have expressed curiosity as to where I ended up in the brave new post-Beep era. By "curiosity" I mean "apathy," and by "a lot" I mean "virtually none." "People" still means "people" but they're strange and different now. They smell funny.

Still, there is bound to be some concern that I might be sprawled in a gutter tilting back a jug of Everclear mixed with soy sauce (which, btw, I call a High Road to China. It's great!). Personal hobbies aside, I have remained in the game industry, firmly clutched to the sweaty bosom of Lady Interactivity. It's probably no surprise that I accepted an offer from Gas Powered Games and started as their Creative Director last March.

I'm really enjoying it. I'm back among some very familiar faces, including my old friend Chris Taylor. There is an interesting cross section of former Cavedog, Beep and Humongous folks here, plus loads of new acquaintances who I'm just starting to meet (there are over 100 employees at GPG). It's a strange, cool sort of time warp... A former cubicle mate from my very first job is down the hall (Kevin Pun). A couple programmers I worked with at Squaresoft are here as well. Most people look like their old selves, but with slightly more tattoos. The computers are much, much spiffier and way less beige.

I'll do some updates on my current projects if time and my NDA allow it. Meanwhile, I'll continue with the flashbacks already in progress.