Friday, June 15, 2007

Vince Gets Under Man's Skin

Of all the things Vince fans have done, this has to take the cake. Stuart Howe didn't let the lack of toys and merchandise get him down. Far from it. He now has this awesome 7" Voodoo Vince tattoo on his left forearm. It shouldn't be surprising in this golden age of body art that somebody somewhere would want a Voodoo Vince tattoo. I'm surprised anyway.

The tattoo was done by Jeremy at CMB Tattoo in Huntsville, Alabama, and he did a fantastic job. It's appropriate that the image was created by poking Stuart countless times with a needle. He can now relate to Vince on a whole new level.



stevekirkpop said...

Hey Clay-

Glad you were able to get a hold of this great shot.

This guy had Sarcophagus Hustle on his MySpace site for months and was sad when I took it off mine.

" I seriously love sarcophagus hustle...before I knew there was a cd and ordered it from amazon I would set the game to that level and turn up my speakers and just let vince sit somewhere safe so I can hear it over and over"


Anonymous said...

Hi there, my name's Jade and I'm a big fan of Voodoo Vince. I heard you couldn't make a Voodoo Vince 2.
You know, I also have a fan character.

CaesarZX said...

it's great to see you start to write again!
I'm the guy translated your TA-ntient history into Chinese, and Im still waiting for you to finish the series. :-)

Clayton Kauzlaric said...

I'll be getting to that pretty soon. I have a few different posts half-written.

Vic Perry said...

I just discovered that somebody who posts as "vicperry" did a positive review for Voodoo Vince on a forum back in 2004. And it wasn't me! Anyway, I'm glad that "vicperry" didn't write a negative review....I'd have a lot of explaining to do....would probably have to invent evil twin story, etc. Very time-consuming and face-losing.

Am signing with my web page though I haven't posted there in ages.

signed Vic Perry, who indeed posts some places as vicperry

Hey Clay: I'm reading the biography of Alice Sheldon alias James Tiptree Jr. It's terrific. J.G. Ballard now officially has the SECOND most unusual childhood among major science fiction writers.

Clayton Kauzlaric said...

Another Vic Perry I can believe. Two guys who like Voodoo Vince is much harder to get my head around.

The Alice Sheldon book sounds really interesting. I'll have to check it out.

I've been on something of a sci-fi kick lately. I just finished Old Man's War by John Scalzi (not bad). I'm about to start Olympos, after really enjoying Ilium by Dan Simmons. It's not as intricate, or as cohesive as his Hyperion/Endymion books, but it's been a nice page turner so far.

A coworker encouraged me to read I Am Legend. I liked it, though traumatic childhood memories of the Vincent Price film adaptation (Last Man on Earth) were hard to shake.

Jeannette said...

If you like old-fashioned space opera, you might enjoy my First Book in Print, The MacPherson Criticality by JD Isaacs. It's available at Amazon. It opens like a romance (my editor jettisoned the first three chapters), but it isn't.

Peter said...

so itchy