Friday, August 29, 2008

The Spank of Death vs. PAX

I stopped by PAX today. I always enjoy seeing the unalloyed bedrock of the game biz in its natural habitat.

Hothead games was showing some teasers for DeathSpank. It's always amazing when something finally migrates off the drawing board and out into the world. Ron Gilbert and I dreamed up DeathSpank and spent years pitching it to publishers. Most were skeptical. Those who were not usually lacked the means to fund this little gem of episodic mayhem. I have to say, the folks at Hothead really get the concept, and these teasers show why. Things are still at a pretty early stage, but I'm thrilled with how DeathSpank is coming together. These bits only show personality, but a game like this lives and dies on personality. It sets the mood for everything to come.

Here are the three teasers for your viewing pleasure.


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