Thursday, February 05, 2009

So Many Years, So Few Bits

So, you may be wondering, "How did Clayton learn to do that crude, crappy style of animation so wonderfully showcased in the last post?" This may give you some perspective on that. In my never-ending quest to reduce clutter and bring screenshots from games nobody ever cared about to light, I offer the following.

I stumbled across an old portfolio floppy containing a bunch of goofy little animations. These are some background and characters I did way back when for Pink Goes To Hollywood, one of the Pink Panthers darker, more confusing chapters. But it was the 90's -- Pretty much everybody got a sidescroller then.

Funny story... The folks at TekMagic got so used to just calling the game "Pink Goes to Hollywood" instead of the more accurate "Pink PANTHER Goes To Hollywood," it ended up on the box that way. Hilarious. I mean, who needs to know the name of your main character anyway?

Yup. They pretty much crammed the word "Pink" into every sentence they could. The results were sometimes a little unsettling.

We did all the "cut scenes" like the one above in three days. This was back when everybody was still amazed by blinking lights, telephones and whatnot.

The original format for these files was .ANM from Deluxe Paint Animation. The movement is so choppy because I did very few frames, and kept things to an 8 pixel grid. The actual game moved much more smoothly. It's funny what passed for a portfolio back then... or talent.



Christopher said...

Ha ha, those are sweet!

Now make Voodoo Vince 2 NOW.

Clayton Kauzlaric said...

Happy to. Got a few millions bucks?

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

Be that way. *shrug*

Clayton Kauzlaric said...


Christopher said...

Ha ha. My other comment got removed for some reason.

Oh, and juh.

Clayton Kauzlaric said...


It says "This post has been removed by the author." Was that you -- the author of the post? Or me, the so-called author of this blog?

I'm going to say it's you. Now give yourself a good talking to.

Peter said...

I remember you working on this stuff. Wasn't it around the same time that we did that marker board drawing mocking you for turning 30?

Also, Tarzan.

I deleted a comment I accidentally posted before I was done writing it, and got the same "deleted by author" message, under your Conchords animation post. There, I confessed.

Clayton Kauzlaric said...

This would be about a year before the 30th birthday mockery-avaganza. I was still sharing a cube with Kevin Pun when I was working on Panther.

Parka said...

Hahahaha. These are freaking amazing stuff.