Friday, July 06, 2012

Save The Princess. Or Don't.

I work on games all day, and it's a blast. But sometimes I get the itch to try some random ideas and see what happens. This is where building stuff with my old pal Ron is a great outlet for all those random ideas rattling around my (our) head(s). We've made around ten games over the last billion years, and way more prototypes that went nowhere. The latest thing that went somewhere is The Big Big Castle. It's based on a concept I was pitching for Beep back in 2005. The game is a nifty little diversion for the iPad that lets you build insanely tall towers -- and knock them down.

This last part was added when my son was playing the game and was wondering why he couldn't destroy what he'd just built. So we added it, giving the kid his first credit on a game. Not bad for a nine year old. This is also my first foray into in-app purchase. It's pretty low key in The Big Big Castle. I hate it when you don't feel like you can do everything for free if you want to. TBBC also has a pretty neat way to share UGC (User Generated Content) where Game Center friends can see each others castles.

And blow them up, of course.

UPDATE: The Big Big Castle ran its course. We haven't gotten around to doing an update for the latest iOS versions, so the game only lives on in memory now.


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