Monday, September 08, 2014

Fully Authorized

It looks like I'm officially an author now. After my dad, Brad Kauzlaric, passed away in 2007 I started making a visual record of his artwork. He was an artist for many years, but there weren't good quality images of most of his work. That naturally enough lead to compiling all the images in a book along with a biography, plus notes sketches and details about how he created and worked.
You can find it up on Amazon. I'll probably have a reception and signing wingding over in my home county soon.


Sherri Schiemer said...

You certainly have been busy cousin! I would like to attend your book reception. I tried to watch the video of your "Evening" interview but couldn't get the link to work. I will try again later. See you soon.

Sherri Schiemer said...

PS Ordered your book, eager to view it this week. Your Dad would be so proud. So exciting! Sherri

Clayton Kauzlaric said...

Hey Cuz! Great to hear from you. If you're trying to view the clip on a tablet or mobile device you might have trouble -- I think the KING-5 site uses a Flash-based media player. You might have better luck on a PC, if you haven't tried that yet.