Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Vince, Vince and More Vince

I'm really excited to tell everyone that I'm bringing back Voodoo Vince in a newly remastered version for Xbox One and PC! This has been brewing for a while. It took some time to sort out the logistics of doing this independently. The folks at Microsoft (who still owns Vince) and I hit on the idea of launching Vince through the ID@Xbox program. The publishing entity is my old company, Beep Games. Production work started in earnest around May. It's coming along really well and we'll be out early next year!

Here are some screenshots of the work in progress:

Here's the teaser trailer...

We're also up on Steam Green Light. Feel free to visit our page there and lend your support if you want Vince on Steam!

I'll post more updates as we get closer to launching the game.


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ricardo9897 said...

remember getting to a game store,walked all the way to the green plastic flourecent stands like a kid on a candy shop, looked for hours all covers from games trying to decipher what's the story behind that cover image (since english is not my main lenguage) couldn't understand what was the game about.i really sit down thinking what game should get. i really looked for hours! letting my imagination going wild with the images from the covers but there was one cover in special that caught me instantly (even it was hidden on a corner) was that patched one eye voodo doll smiling with a broken lamp behind it i was...intrigued i couldn't understand it was weird but i really liked it so i took it home.

long story short that was my first xbox game and my childhood memories, recently cleaning my house found my old xbox with a couple of disks voodo vince was one in it (sadly my xbox doesn't work anymore) decided to search on the net for more info about the person behind the game.
and found your blog also the great news that is coming a remake of this wonderful game!